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the presidential inaaguration. how maryland is playing a role news at five. 3ies.on fox 45 - 3 p3
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across baltimore this morning. tte ravens are eaded to thh super bowllthe team went into foxborough last night... and pulled out a onvincing 28-13 over thh patriots. the thirddquarter... the le of - &pjoe flaaco hits dennis pitta from five yards out.tte extra this is the second one... from 11 yards out... giiing the ravens a 28-13 lead.that proved to be enough... and as pavens claimed the victoryy congratulate my team by... - we're back. we''e back. but this time we're on our way to the super bowl." bowl." pt's the ravens' firrt trrp to
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the super owl inn12 years... they'll play john's brother jim harbbugh and tte 49ers in super bowl 47 innnew orleens. tte 49ers bbat atlanta earlier in the ddy. is toughhno mmtter whaa the s circumstances...but last nightts win was made even sweeter because it happened in the same place the ravens fell short a year agao. more from foxborough. foxxorough.
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alecia sent us this photo.. of the post-game
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5:38 am's titled "me and mmmmy... we won the gamm!" can upload photos nd videos - to us through purpll -at -fox bbltimore -dot- com.and you can see those pictures on ur "see it shoott t send it" page at oxbaltimore dot com.or you can go tooour facebook page.. facebook dot com slash on "inside fox45." some scary moments after sunday's big n-ffc nta championship ame.
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called to the scene n front of the georgia dome..... after a falcon fans was cut in the throat during an argument with sure if the peooleeinnolved is 3 pcttally atttnded the game. coming up on the early drug addiction. addiction."eventuaaly it becomes very much like a pellpsiig chrooic disease." disease."how the president is planning to ight back... during his second teem. ,3 ((break 1))
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map 3 coming up... the celebrations are well underway. underwwy.the ravens talk about about etting back to the super bowl... for the first
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fighting the war oo drugs the challenges the president faces... s he struugles to repair americc's drug policies. ((brrak 2)) ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪
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thank you. te ar n drugs has cost thh american taxxayer hundreds of billions of dollars... nd
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there's still a steady stream oo illegal narcotics in every city n america. in thhs morning's cover story... john zarella explains why the country's drug policies will soon be the pprsident's new foc. focus. with america's use of illicitt the challenge: what's the ,3 &pbest wwy tt curb it?clarence jackson started smoking pot wwen he was fourteen. he says he quickly graduated to coke, crime and then prison."i've consecutiie year of my life twenty yearssin and out of jackssn is now in court-ordered grouu counseling. (naa sot) "and youuknow howwselfish it is everybody around yyu hurt when you get locked up, even your dog. i know that sounds silly, even your dog, iiknow that sounds silly, even our dog.""uy wheeler runs the program...twelve to 24 sessions. for first offenders, the gold ring upon reccrd. jjckson llments...if
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for him twenty yyars agg. "i wouldn't have been a &pliability. i would have been a great asset to society today."jackson coold be the change in ow the nation is al - use. ii's not just a crime, but annaddiccion. "ii shouldn't come as a surprise if we've arresteddsomeone or a crime and theyyalso have a drug problem anddwe do nothhng they're gonna end up right - back into thh system committing another crimee"foo the white house, now and goiigg forward, fighting illicit drug use is a multilayered approachh -a focus on education and prevennion.-treat drugs and issue not just aacriminall justice oncern.-law enforcement focus remains o the national institute on drug pbuse show tte road ahead is tough. illicit drug use in america has been creepinn up. 22 and a half million americans, 8 point 7 percent,
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used or abuued illicit ddugs in 2011...up four tenths of a pprcenttii a decade. most of that increase comes from &pmarijuana use...the drug of choice for teens."tte one pprticular thing that worries me the most is the youth use of marijuana. studyyafter study shows ittcan have a number significant healtt and mentaa hheltt impacts particularly on developing wheeler, it's not your father's marijuana. the main psychoactive ingredientathc in the old days."we keep as - thinkkng that marijuann is like three percent, five percent. the population that ccll it wake and bake. some of these clients wakeeup eveey morning and they go smoke aa the admiiistration's approach is to curb use before it beccmee abuse. dr. daniell palord is part of a program doing juut that. "eventually it
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primary careephysicians ask - provide addice and iff nncessary a treaament referral. alford says 80 percent of ttose screened have po proolem. studies show &pthose who do, arr receptive t the intervention becauss it's comes ffom their doctor. "so &- juugmennal way, if the patient thinkssyou're asking it juss to take good cre of ttem, i likely to be open aaout it,, say the benefits from eerly educatton...are huge. morr productiveeworkers, ew ppoplee behind bars, reduced medical cootss and maybe it gives people likk clarence jackson very simply, a hancee john zzrella, cnn miami. coming upp.. he ravens win the a-f-c championship... andd &ppunch their tickettto thee super bowll.-bbwl.we've got ext highhights... traight ahead. ((break 3))
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smile! ohhh bring it in! coming up ii our 6 o'clock hour... coming up in our coming up in our 6 3 o''lock hour... a politician
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targeted... while giving a speeh speech.the attempted shooting... that was caught on cameraa ♪
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aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪

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